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Mayes Academy - Terms of agreement 

Within this document any reference made to 'The parents’ are the parent(s), guardian(s) or responsible person/s for a child attending Mayes Academy Dance and Gymnastics.


The Academy undertakes to:


  • Maintain a daily attendance register.

  • Not allow anyone except yourself or an authorised person to collect your child

  • To be available to discuss with parents/carers their child’s progress and development

  • Keep contact numbers and email addresses on register in case of emergencies

  • To administer medication only prescribed by a doctor (with the exception of Calpol)

  • To advise parents/carers of any infectious diseases or cases of head lice

  • Do our best to comfort children who are ill and contact parents/carers

  • Report any accidents/incidents that have occurred at the Academy.

  • Implement a policy of inclusion. We will help children develop an awareness of other cultures and have respect and tolerance for race and religion. Our policy details that children will be able to learn and develop in a non-discriminatory environment.

  • Keep a file of written policies accessible to everyone.

The Academy and parents/carers will undertake the following:


Payment of fees


  • Fees to be paid in advance per every half-term. Fees must be paid in full on the first session of the half-term.  

  • A sibling discount is offered at the academy, only for the two hour dance and gymnastics sessions.

  • Mayes Academy runs during term time only, any other holiday sessions are paid in addition to usual half-term fees. (There will be no break during February half term as this is an extra rehearsals for Annual Show/Gymnastics Competitions)

  • Fees will be reviewed on an annual basis. One (1) week's notice will be given of any changes

  • Payment of fees can be by cash, cheque or BACS.

  • Your child’s place may be withdrawn if fees are not paid in full and on time.

  • Every participant required to pay annual membership and registration fee of £10 (September to September) 


Change of details

  • Parents are required to inform the Academy of any changes of address, phone numbers or circumstances

  • Parents must provide two emergency contact numbers for their child. Contacts must be available at all times



  • Please contact the Academy if your child has been in contact with any infectious disease or cases of head lice

  • Please contact us if your child is going to be absent, and let us know when they are likely to or will return

  • Children will not be able to attend the Academy if they are deemed by the Academy to be unwell

  • To give written authorisation to administer prescribed medication

  • If your child has suffered from sickness and diarrhoea they cannot attend the Academy until a period of 48 hours has passed since onset

  • Please inform us of any medical equipment used by your child. (inhalers, epiPens)



  • Please inform the Academy if you cannot collect your child and give details of who will be collecting. Children will not be permitted to leave the building with an unknown adult or minor under 16 years of age

  • If details of change of person are sent via e-mail, a follow up phone call from the Academy Management to confirm will be made

  • Children will not be allowed to leave the Academy with anyone who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol

  • Every effort should be made to collect your child on time. Continual lateness will be charged



  • All personal items brought into the Academy (valuables, medicines, clothing and footwear should be marked with the child’s name

  • The Academy cannot accept liability for loss or damage to clothing or personal property


How it works at Mayes Academy


We calculate fees based on how many weeks there are in a half-term, for example if a half-term is 7 weeks long we would times the amount for one session by 7.


     Term dates


Jan               )

Feb              )    Spring term (Payment is required in full for Spring term)

March           )

April             )


May              )

June              )    Summer term (payment is only required in advance for half of the term)

July               )

August          )


Sept             )

Oct               )     Autumn term (payment is only required in advance for half of the term)

Nov              )
Dec              )

Mayes Academy - Gymnastics Disclaimer 

Prior to attending a Dance or Gymnastics session at Mayes Academy, please be aware of the risk of injury associated with the nature of these sports. By attending a trial and (or) becoming a member of Mayes academy you are acknowledging these risks. 



  • If you have any queries with regards to the terms of agreement please contact our welfare officer at

Now please log in to and confirm you have read our Academy's Terms of Agreement

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