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At Mayes Dance and Gymnastics Academy, we offer a safe, structured and friendly environment where children are encouraged to learn, and more importantly to have fun! 

Our combined academy provides the opportunity to participate in both Dance and Gymnastics, developing physical, creative and perseverance skills. Our aim is to encourage more young people to enter physical activity to develop these key fundamental skills whilst making friends at the same time. 

At Mayes, we provide high quality dance classes which incorporate a variety of popular styles from Jazz to Contemporary to Street Dance. All our members, from the youngest to the Elite, are given exciting opportunities to take part in annual showcases, regional live performances and competitions.  

With equipment comprising of inflatable tumble tracks, pop up apparatus, flex-roll matting, mini-trampolines, crash mats and tumbling blocks we are well equipped to teach handsprings, aerials, walkovers, flicks, flips and anything going over and upside down. 

Dance and Gymnastics are very exciting, enjoyable and rewarding activities so why not come along and have a go at our combined academy and get yourself ready to move and tumble! 

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